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Selling A Piano

So your piano is just sitting there... no one is playing it anymore and it's just taking up space.  So you're going to sell your piano... what's it worth, what's a fair price?  Is it worth anything, or could it be worth a lot!
That answer depends on many factors; age and condition, quality and performance, size and finish, brand and reputation, the list goes on.  How you determine these answers will greatly affect the value you put on your piano.  Hiring a piano technician is one way to determine it's condition, but most piano technicians won't have an accurate sense of it's market value.  The internet will help find price ranges of similar pianos, but the fact is; there aren't any two used pianos alike!  Some people don't care as much about getting top dollar for their piano, and are willing to sell it cheap in order to sell it fast.  On the other hand, without accurate advise, someone could be selling their piano for much less than it's worth, not knowing what a fair price is, based on the local market and the specific information about that piano.  The same information is very useful if you're wanting to trade-in your piano for something better, or perhaps your dream piano!  Knowing that you're getting a fair trade-in value towards the purchase of your next piano could save you thousands.  Being in the piano retail business for 24 years, plus being a piano technician, allows me to accurately assess the value of your piano.  This information can also be used for insurance purposes.
If you're considering selling your piano, or trading it in for something better, please call for a free initial consultation.